Thursday, December 2, 2010

Goat’s Milk……Nature’s Gift to Your Skin

Our skin ages each and every day.  Luna Jardin wants to help you fight time.   We can help to slow down this process by creating skin care products containing goat’s milk.

Why use goat’s milk skin care products?  Studies have shown that goat’s milk has anti-aging benefits.  Having the ability to look youthful and energetic makes us livelier. Give your skin the luxurious benefits of pure all natural goat’s milk.

The properties of all natural goat’s milk help to regenerate collagen.  The firmness of our skin that keeps us looking youthful and sexy is due to the amount of collagen underneath our skin.  Beneficial goat’s milk is included as a main ingredient in many of our skin care indulgences.

Goat’s milk can be used in many different bath and body products, most notably handmade soaps. Our handmade soaps will relieve that dry and itchy skin that can be caused by commercial soaps.  These decadent all natural soaps help to balance the pH levels of your skin and keep the pH level where nature intended it to be.

Our goat’s milk lotions leave your skin feeling like silk. These hydrating lotions can be made with highly scented fragrance oils or therapeutic essential oils. The benefits of the goat’s milk are not negated by the oils.

Our body scrubs are the vessel that allows you to apply the goat’s milk directly on your body exfoliating and nourishing at the same time. You have earned the decadent treatment and your skin will adore you with a glowing complexion.

Goat’s milk is available in both liquid form and powder form.  This allows us the ability to put natures’ gift to our skin into a wide variety skin care indulgences. The nourishment that goat’s milk provides to your skin can not be equaled by any man made ingredient.

Our products are made with you in mind. Give yourself the weapons to fight father time. We help you turn back the clock and keep your youthful appearance.

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