Friday, February 11, 2011

Why are all natural products best at treating Eczema?

Treating Eczema is most effective when treated both externally an internally. This two stage approach addresses the visible symptoms like the itchy, inflamed skin but at the same time nourishes the inside giving the skin the needed minerals and vitamins to help treat and prevent the outbreaks.

Keeping the skin healthy and rejuvenated starts with keeping it hydrated. The hydration keeps the skin lubricated and allows the skin to battle the Eczema outbreaks quicker.

All natural lotions that condition and hydrate the skin work best in treating Eczema externally. This treatment works best when applied while to skin is damp. Applying the lotion to the skin while damp helps optimize the absorption and aids in sealing in the moisture. Store bought lotions that contain chemicals can counteract the benefits of the moisturizing process. Those that contain man made products like petroleum jelly may in fact inflame the Eczema more. This fact just supports all natural products work better. Lotions made with natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, oatmeal, and cocoa butter work the best. They all help to create a natural barrier against irritants and allergens that bring on outbreaks of Eczema.

Natural treatments are by far better than anything man has made for us. The ingredients nature provides us to treat Eczema are much better and more effective. We must maintain hydration internally because it is just as important at treating the outside. Drinking water will help to accomplish this part of treating Eczema.

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