Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Season is changing, Is your skin care regime?

The weather is beginning to warm. Everything around us is changing. Are you ready to change your skin care regime?
As the temperatures rise, the need for heavy moisturizers will cease to exist and in turn you will find that a change to a lighter moisturizer will be necessary. If you really are in love with your current moisturizer you can always dilute it with distilled or plain water to thin it out.
The skin around your eyes and lips will still be effected by the dry air so you should use the thick moisturizer for those areas. Spring brings warmth but also many things that flare up our allergies and other skin rashes become more prevalent. It is important that we remain pro active with our skin care regiment to help keep these new factors at bay to help keep our allergies under control.
Here are some helpful hints you can do right in your own home to help in that battle.
Use neem water as an antiseptic facial cleanser. Take neem leaves and boil them in a covered container. Once the water is down to about 1/3 the amount, the neem water is ready. You should then use a strainer and put the water in a glass bottle and keep it refrigerated. It will be ready for use at all times. If you can’t use neem leaves, use Basil leaves in its place. Basil leaves have the same antiseptic properties that neem leaves have.
The warmth feels good to our skin. The winter months we have spent covering our skin with thick garments to keep warm. It is very easy for us to allow the direct sunlight to damage our skin without realizing the harm. Using a lotion with SPF will help protect us. A couple of other ways to help are to wear a hat and use an umbrella. They will both help keep those harmful ultraviolet rays off of our skin.

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